Will repellents get a pigeon out of the attic? (none work well)

While the idea of repellents for any nuisance animal situation sounds appealing, the reality is most of these products don't work well or at all. Pigeons are no exception to the repellent truth. While you may be able to achieve temporary results with sound machines or noise making devices, once the pigeons learn there is nothing to be afraid of, they will no longer react to the stimulus. Having pigeons in the attic means you have a hole somewhere that is letting the birds inside. Until you find this hole and remove the pigeons, you'll continue to have nuisance animal problems. Ideally, pigeon problems in the attic can be handled by using a one-way funnel on the opening they are using to get inside. Once the birds have been eliminated, you need to seal up the attic immediately. Pigeons have a homing ability, and they will continue to try and return to the place they were roosting. If the hole isn't sealed, pigeons will get back inside.

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